Imagezone is a 100% New Zealand family owned and operated company whose team is deeply committed to building on our already extensive range of Film and TV infrastructure that is available nationally and internationally. As NZ’s largest independent cinematographer support facility we are moving beyond cameras and monitors and aligning ourselves with strategic international partners to be able to support peak periods and offer equipment not normally found in our region.  We aim to be great enablers for cinematographers and in turn production, bringing the tools and expertise to our industry for everyone including a wide selection of Full Frame cameras and lenses.  Doing our part so that productions have the technical and cinematography requirements that meet and even exceed what is required on the world stage.

Trained and certificate tech’s for ARRI, O’Connor and Various Lenses



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We carry a great selection of camera bodies in our rental facilities across New Zealand. We have a team of experts to help get your project prepped and out the door. Whatever camera gear you need and where ever you it we can get it sorted for you

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Backed up by certified technicians we have one of the largest ranges of lenses in New Zealand. Whether you are after vinatge, anamorphic, spherical, uncoated or specialty glass we have it all

At Imagezone we will bring your artistic vision to life


Workflow, Data Management and Dailies

From Set to your posthouse we will deliver your dailies and and store the masters at our secure offsite storage facility

What ever your needs we will design the workflow for your production, take care of the data management and dailies no matter where your shoot location and send the footage around the world to your post house post in minutes.

By choosing us you will be guaranteed not only the best equipment and solutions this country has to offer but also the best operators.

Imagezone will backup and securely store your media on-site, off-site, on our servers and on LTO tape


Imagezone is the largest and most experienced video assist company in Australasia, with branches in Auckland, Queenstown and Sydney. By choosing us you will be guaranteed not only the best equipment and solutions this country has to offer but also the best operators.

Video Assist is the name for a complex system, consisting of monitors, recorders, video transmitters, matrices and hundreds of meters of cables. The video assist operator(s) are in charge of moving, operating, and troubleshooting the whole system whether it is in a studio, on a beach or up a mountain. Taking a digital video feed from the camera(s), the picture is captured (via cable or video transmitter) into our specially customised video cart, where it is then fed out to the variety of monitors for directors, agency and crew. The operator can playback a take from the last shot taken through to a shot 3 days or 3 months prior, as well as apply mix and overlay.

We know that every production is unique and we work closely with the camera and production team to ensure the workflows, solutions and video carts are customised for each job.


Meet the Team

Dean Thomas
Managing Director

Dean Thomas, founder and helmsman at Imagezone, is an experienced technical problem solver with a solution oriented mindset.

Fiona Thomas
Accounts and Enquiries
Stephen Baker
Rental Account Manager
Chris Lucas
IT, DIT, Video Manager
Keeping the data safe on and off set
Matthew Day
Camera Technician
Lee Alison
Camera Technician
Shannon Spencer
Production Coordinator
Maree Tattersall
Making the numbers work


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