Imagezone is an advanced technical service company that offers complete full technical services to the television and film industry including high-end camera, video and data equipment rental.
Dean Thomas, founder and helmsman at Imagezone, is an experienced technical problem solver with a solution oriented mindset. Starting in the film industry as a video assist technician he developed advanced non linear mix, overlay and playback technology, which generated key information for onset creatives to make critical decisions with, in both TVC’s and major motion pictures.

With the cinema industry transitioning from celluloid to digital acquisition, Imagezone was an early adopter of complicated technology specialising in onset workflows and imaging. Successfully guiding many productions through the minefield of technology at the time Imagezone has developed systems and technicians to manage the increased demands. With little change, these remain the defacto.
Within the New Zealand market, Imagezone has become the go to service for both onset HD, imagery and data management. It was a logical step into high-end cinema cameras with complex workflows as in essence Imagezone has been supporting these for many years.
Now with more than 30 completed Feature films and TV dramas plus countless TVC’s, Imagezone has transitioned successfully into an advanced high-end cinema camera supplier as a complementary service to our existing client base, picking up numerous domestic productions, including the remake of “Evil Dead”, “Power Rangers” and the current box office successes “The Dark Horse” and “The Dead Lands”.
With Imagezone Dean continues to lead the New Zealand cinema industry as an advanced full service solution provider.
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