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After many years on set and at the edge of the transition from film to digital, Dean saw an opportunity to combine his love of cinema, knowledge and problem solving and he established New Zealand's foremost video and DIT service.

From the humble beginnings in 2000 out of a garage on the North Shore of Auckland, Imagezone has grown into the camera rental house it is today.

As has Dean’s love of lenses and passion to bring in and share some of the best glass and cameras in the world with the New Zealand Cinematography community.

No matter the size and budget of your project, the Imagezone team will provide you with a wide range of artisanal optics, technical solutions and service within your timeframe.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients

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Count on us for Service, Support and Delivery


Working with Imagezone on a big budget, multi episodic, US financed series for Amazon has been a smooth and painless experience.
Imagezone were able to supply world class camera and lens packages whilst meeting their budget and our time frame requirements.
Once cameras were rolling they were also flexible and quick to adapt to any additional requirements we required

no matter how short the notice.
I could not be happier or more impressed with the service Imagezone delivered to our challenging show over the duration of its production.

 Sincerely, Guy J. Louthan

. . . . . . . . .

Having been introduced for the pilot, Imagezone were my first choice to supply equipment for our TV Series “The Wilds” having an extensive fleet of Venice cameras and a quality team of technicians meant they were the perfect partner. Their backup and support were invaluable to myself and my camera team and any issues were sorted immediately.

Edward Wild
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